About The Oatmeal Stories:
A collection of true stories told by Robert Stevens to his daughter, Catherine, about his life growing up in Surry, Maine, during the 1940's and '50's.

About the Author:

Robert Russell Stevens was born on February 14, 1940, to Russell and Dorathy Stevens. He grew up in the small coastal community of Surry, Maine. His first book, "The Oatmeal Stories," contains not just his personal memoirs, but also paints a picture of life for common people who lived during the 1940's and '50's in rural New England.

Reviews from Readers: "Thank you for your candid honesty that left me at times laughing out loud and others wiping tears. Sometimes we think we are alone in the world, until someone is brave enough to tell their story. No matter what your childhood was like, this compilation of stories will affect you deeply." R. Wood "Robert was certainly very candid and honest in writing his life stories. These stories touch the heart and help one to realize it is not one's possessions that make a person what they are." S. Patterson "The stories in this book are truly amazing! You will laugh, you will cry. I love that this is a real story about Robert and he becomes so real to you when you hear the things he went through and experienced. Two thumbs up!!" A. Marean

Author Robert Stevens will be signing, and whenever requested, reading from his book, The Oatmeal Stories at the 2015 Beyond the Sea Book Festival at Lincolnville Beach, on Sunday, July 26th, 11:30 until Bob wants to go home.