About Hardship and Fortitude.
Hardship and Fortitude is about the history and lives of five generations of the Elijah Dyer family. The story begins with Elijah’s father, Joshua, a fisherman from Truro, Massachusetts who packs up his belongings and family to voyage north to the islands of Vinalhaven, Penobscot Bay in 1814. Born and raised on Dyer’s Island, Vinalhaven, forty-two year old Elijah moves his new family further north to his own space and fishing grounds— settling on Warren Island where he raised three more sons who later found their niche on neighboring islands such as Minot, Middle, Billy Job, Laselle. As the story unfolds, readers will experience the lives of the men and women who braved the solitude and hardships of island life and their children who traveled on ice-filled bays to attend school and continued the Dyer family’s legacy. Through these five generations, the author deftly weaves together the genealogy, rich history, undeniable character and local color of many of the islands of Penobscot Bay, including Seven Hundred Acre and Islesboro.

About the Author:

Carol D. Macaulay grew up on Seven Hundred Acre Island, Penobscot Bay, Maine. She traveled every weekday by boat to attend school on the neighboring island of Islesboro. Carol returned to Seven Hundred "Acre Island" after graduating from the University of Maine, Presque Isle where she majored in Art and English. She has lived sixty of her sixty-five years on her beloved island where she divides her time between work, researching the history of "Acre Island", and long walks with her black lab, Taz.

Carol also enjoys fishing, camping, snowmobiling and exploring the Great Northern Woods. Here she spends hours watching and studying Maine's majestic moose. Readers will enjoy her efforts in her next book soon to be published

Author Carol D. Macaulay will be signing her book, Hardship and Fortitude at the 2015 Beyond the Sea Book Festival at Lincolnville Beach, on Sunday, July 26th, 11:30-1:30.