About Three Labs a Lifetime
There are few things in life as special or as meaningful as dog ownership. They’re with us for such a short period of time, but what they give us in return is immeasurable—and timeless—and is never forgotten.
Every canine breed is interesting and distinct in its own right, but there’s something inherently magical and wondrous about Labrador retrievers that make them seem the perfect American family dog.
This is the story of three black Labrador retrievers who helped shape and define my family’s very identity over the course of three decades. Included are stories and anecdotes—some amusing, others sad—chronicling the lives of these three exceptional dogs as recalled from my memory and past personal experiences.

About The Rebel's Wrath
In a time when the nation is torn asunder, and North is pitted against South in a ferocious struggle, a young Union soldier finds himself in combat for the first time—during the largest battle ever fought on the North American continent. When the smoke clears, Private Sherman Jackson of the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment is alive and unharmed. He has clashed with staunch warriors of the Confederacy and survived the deadly battle of Gettysburg. His luck continues to the end of the war. Ready to muster out and make his own way in the world, Sherman receives an unexpected letter from home. The note is a plea from his ailing father, beseeching him to return to Maine and save the family business before all is lost. Bound by familial responsibilities, yet unwilling to return to a life he was determined to leave behind, Sherman reluctantly returns home to face many hard decisions. In time, several trivial but damaging and unlawful acts are committed in the small community of North Scarborough. Gradually the felonious activity escalates, causing boundless turmoil and suspicions that indirectly implicate Sherman. As things rapidly spiral out of control, it falls on Sherman to resolve the town’s ills or face dire consequences. Surrounded by numerous suspects fueled by countless motives and immersed in a troubled past, Sherman must use all his resources to save both the town and himself from utter destruction.

About A Tale of Life and War:  MATTHEW SWITZER is a typical twenty-two-year-old college senior. He’s spent his last four years coasting through school, thinking about girls and parties, not giving much thought to his studies or his future. As graduation looms, he’s surrendered to the reality that his chances of marching are slim and insecure because of one final unfinished history course assignment.
By a stroke of luck, Matt meets Michelle Kessler, another senior who offers a mutually beneficial plan for him to consider. Attracted to the young woman, Matt strikes a deal with Michelle—a deal that will bring him before her weathered grandfather—a World War II fighter pilot named Hank.
Reluctantly Hank agrees to help Matt by digging up extraordinary and painful memories from his combat days during the war. Little does Matt know that he’s about to be told a personalized tale filled with bravery, deceit, intrigue, the horrors of war, and the very best and worst of human nature. It’s a tale no traditional history book could ever contain.
As Matt becomes entangled in Hank’s recollections, he begins to learn more about his strengths, weaknesses, his past, and his potential future. Hank’s stories take a toll on both himself and his young listener. Both begin to wonder how their new relationship will be shaped and affected by the often-horrific tales imparted. Both wonder if either will ever be the same again!

About The Besieged:

In the deep, remote, regions of the untamed wilderness, in a time when man’s dominance over the land is unclear, the ultimate challenge to all creatures is survival. In the struggle between man, beast, and nature, the outcome is never certain, and the victor never constant. Who will claim victory in the latest bout? Will man’s cunningness and ingenuity outmaneuver the savagery of the beast, or will both succumb to the unrelenting ferocity brought forth by nature? All three entities clash in The Besieged bringing out the worst of the combatants and testing their resolve. In the end, who (or what) will prove to be the ultimate lord and master of the rugged land called Alaska?

About the Author:

Christopher W. Morin was born, raised, and currently resides in Portland, Maine. He received a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Maine at Orono. He is a history enthusiast and has enjoyed creative writing since penning his first short story back in second grade.

Author Christopher Morin will be signing his most recent novel, Three Labs a Lifetime, and The Rebel's Wrath, A Tale of Life & War, and The Besieged at the 2017 Beyond the Sea Book Festival at Lincolnville Beach, on Saturday, July 22nd, 10:30-12:30.