About Full Service - Notes from the Rearview Mirror;
Gear up and put the pedal to the metal with this visual spin through the classic era of automobile design: The service station. Cars with fins and chrome. It was the heyday of America's love affair with the automobile and the afterglow still lingers. Author and photojournalist David Hill has traveled the back roads, state routes, and hiked through the woods of his home state of Maine to find these automotive treasures and photograph them in their pristine state. Feast your eyes on these 100% untouched classic design originals, left in situ to become an eloquent testimony to an age of automotive splendor and American craftsmanship. A special gift for the classic car collector, automotive enthusiast, and/or design student.

Photographer David Hill traveled the main streets and back roads of Maine to photograph beautiful and largely forgotten cars from the "golden age" of America's love affair with the automobile. Beautiful, to Hill, doesn't necessarily mean fresh paint and polished chrome. It means cars and trucks with stories to tell and histories to share. How did they wind up forgotten and neglected? Complete with gorgeous photography and personal essays, Full Service chronicles Hill's journey back to the past, to give these worn and weathered pieces of Americana a chance to be seen and remembered.

About the Author:
David Hill has been a television photojournalist for more than 20 years, winning many awards from the National Press Photographers Association, Maine Association of Broadcasters, The Associated Press, RTNDA and the USC/Annenburg School of Journalism. While he enjoys the challenges of journalism, his true passion is in the still image. He finds inspiration in the many places he has visited throughout the state of Maine. As a photographer he strives to find the beauty in the ordinary, and even in what some may call ugly, through black and white and color photography. While the photos are paramount, words are also important to David, and the stories behind the photos bring a depth to the images. David is a lifelong resident of Maine, a graduate of Gorham High School, and currently lives in Southern Maine.

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