Author David Melesky will be signing/selling his two non-fiction, and three fiction books, In the Shadow of A Tree, I Remember Bethlehem and The Reluctant Lawyer, One Bar to Another, Practice Not Perfect at the 2016 Beyond the Sea Book Festival at Lincolnville Beach, on Saturday, July 30th, 1:15-3:15.

About In The Shadow Of A Tree, a book of  nonfiction
In this newly released, gripping and true life story, the author describes a personal struggle that was faced and how hardships and obstacles were overcome, while sharing what was learned along the way.

About I Remember Bethlehem, a book of nonfiction 
This work takes a nostalgic look at Connecticut's Christmas Town. Readers call this "Hilarious!"
With his unique perspective, the author blends history and humor in this delightful trip down Memory Lane.
About The Reluctant Lawyer, a book of fiction 
This is the third book in the Wumpkey series.
Here, the main character leads his readers through a mystery with comedic overtones. In a new setting, the unflappable B.G. Wumpkey shows us that even in life and death scenarios the importance of a good meal cannot be over emphasized.
About One Bar to Another, a book of fiction 
The adventures of B.G. Wumpkey continues, in this already acclaimed sequel to the author's first book of fiction. Learn about how the memorable main character wisely recognizes it when he is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, and jumps at the chance to head in an exciting new direction.

About Practice Not Perfect, a book of fiction 
Meet the memorable B.G. Wumpkey, the fictional attorney who informs his readers about the land of moose, lobsters, real winters and varied adventures in and out of the courtroom. Learn what it's really like in midcoast Maine and laugh out loud along the way!
About the Author:

David M. Melesky is an experienced attorney with New England  roots.

Born and raised in Connecticut, David grew up in the little town of Bethlehem where he attended local public schools. His college years resulted in a B.A. degree from Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire, and also included studies overseas in England. He later graduated from Vermont Law School, earning a Juris Doctor degree.

Subsequently, he moved to Maine with his family and lived there for many years. In combination with his love of travel and his work, he visited most of  the states and numerous foreign countries. Lately, while hanging his hat in Pennsylvania, he continues to divide his time between legal work and his love of writing.


The Reluctant Lawyer
Local author Melesky scores another hit in this third book in his series about lawyer B.G. Wumpkey. Wumpkey is a man who embraces life - he eats with gusto, likes to cook, dabbles in gardening, enjoys a good cigar - and oh yes, he also assists clients. In this book, the Wumpkey family has relocated to the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. Wumpkey quickly becomes entangled in several legal threads from disparate clients that somehow weave together as the story unfolds. A large and friendly man who enjoys life in his new surroundings, Wumpkey is an endearing character who happens to practice law, somewhat reluctantly. 
Recommended Reading by Warren-Trumbull County Public Library Staff.

One Bar to Another 
B.G. Wumpkey is sorely in need of a change in venue. The most memorable lawyer of mid-coast Maine, first introduced in the author’s debut, Practice Not Perfect, is suffering from a sort of mid-life crisis. Thus, when the opportunity presents itself to relocate to Florida and assume management of his friend Boopsy’s tavern, Wumpkey rises to the bait. Confronted upon his arrival by a house devastated by a tropical storm, the erstwhile lawyer must call upon weary but ever present inner resources to salvage the home and turn his attention to the operation of the unfamiliar business.
Melesky, a practicing attorney himself, spins a whimsical tale filled with vivid dialogue and colorful characters, none more so than Wumpkey himself. The legal elements of the story ring true and fans of the genre will enjoy the detailed depiction of legal life.  In Wumpkey, the author has created a stateside lawyer reminiscent of John Mortimer’s beloved Rumpole of the Bailey. The corpulent Wumpkey is endearing enough that one hopes his new adventures (and the series) continues.
Mary Ledoux
Director of Library Services
Franklin Pierce College

Practice Not Perfect
This is a charming first novel from Greenville, PA Attorney David Melesky. Low-key and humorous, the book deals with the everyday trials and tribulations of Maine Attorney B.G. Wumpkey, a transplant to the state which boasts a moose under a pine tree on its flag. Maine offers blueberries, bugs and more snow than one would ever care to see. Each short chapter invites the reader to experience a day in the life of Wumpkey and be entertained by his musings on a variety of  topics, from the legal system to fishing. The introduction states that Maine is a land of contrasts – let Wumpkey be the one to show you around.
Tribune Chronicle
Warren, Ohio