About One Maine Christmas Eve:
It's Christmas Eve in Maine, and Miss Moody and her boarders Millie and Emery--as well as her pup Smittens--are all tucked into bed, when out in the barnyard there arises such a clatter...!
Turns out that Santa's reindeer have come down ill and need a chance to recuperate. But what of the toys for the good girls and boys?
Thanks to some old-fashioned down-on-the-farm ingenuity, Santa gets back on schedule with the help of a motley but willing crew like none you've ever dreamed of.

From the Inside Flap
Who figured out that lobsters ("bugs"), clams ("gobs"), and periwinkles ("snorts") are good to eat? Mainers. Who developed ear muffs? A Mainer. Who invented a steam-powered car that outsold all gasoline-powered cars for years? A Mainer. Who can plow the back forty on a hot-wired 1965 John Deere with a Caterpillar gearbox and an Ikea seat? A Mainer. So if your reindeer were to take sick and your sleigh got forced down and you had several billion toys to deliver before dawn, whose farmyard would you want to land in? A Mainer's!

About the Author:
Douglas Coffin, with a background in graphic design, produced his nationally syndicated cartoon strip “Fletcher’s Landing” in the early 1980s. He published editorial cartoons in a weekly paper for 20 years while also working as a commercial illustrator, typographer and art director. In 1987 he began his career as a lettercutter in stone, hand-carving memorials, donor walls and building dedications. He also demonstrates and teaches the history of letterforms and the alphabet. One Maine Christmas Eve originally appeared, in a slightly altered state, in 1978 in The Maine Times. This is his first book. Douglas lives in Stockton Springs, Maine.

Author Douglas Coffin will be signing One Maine Christmas Eve at the 2016 Beyond the Sea Book Festival at Lincolnville Beach on Saturday, July 30th, 10:30-12:30.