About I Am Coyote.
Coyote is three years old when she leaves her family to seek a home of her own and a mate to share it with. Journeying by night through a Canadian winter, she doesn't know that her search will become a 500-mile odyssey. Nor can she know while enduring extreme cold, hunger, and harrowing brushes with death that she and her descendants are destined to play a vital role in the forests of the eastern United States, replacing wolves (exterminated a century ago) as the keystone predator the landscape desperately needed.

Combining rigorous science with imaginative storytelling, I Am Coyote reveals the complex outer and inner lives of coyotes. We are not the only sentient beings on this planet; we are not unique in experiencing love, fear, grief, joy, and acceptance. This magical story will change the way you think about the animals with whom we share the world.

About the Author:

Geri Vistein is a carnivore conservation biologist who holds a masters degree in wildlife conservation and a masters in education. From early participation in studies of predator-prey relationships, including a grizzly bear DNA study in and around Glacier National Park, an elk calf mortality study on ranches in the Blackfoot Valley of Montana, and a snowshoe hare study in Yellowstone National Park, her professional mission evolved to focus on helping human communities understand and coexist with carnivores. Now a resident of Maine, she concentrates her work on coyotes, speaking extensively about coyote-human interactions and maintaining an educational website at CoyoteLivesinMaine.com.

Author Geri Vistein will be signing her book, I Am Coyote at the 2016 Beyond the Sea Book Festival at Lincolnville Beach, on Saturday, July 30th, 10:30-12:30.