About Hardscrabble Lodge:

On the pages of these true bush flying stories, a floatplane races toward the shore and crashes in front of the lodge, Jake’s plane engine quits twice, a forest fire threatens Hardscrabble, a gale flies the plane minus a pilot, Jake searches for lost guests at night, firefighters are trapped between walls of flames, and a boy must be airlifted after suffering a compound leg fracture.
Excitement and terror are combined with a practical guide to wilderness survival. Bush flying challenges and techniques are explored in detail.

About the Author:

After Jake Morrel completed engineering school, one fact was obvious: Life behind a desk was the wrong choice. So off to Maine with his young bride, Beth! A teaching job led to flying lessons and a lifelong love affair with planes. After several years of instruction and practice, a dream job as a commercial floatplane pilot materialized. As a flying family, exposure to the numerous remote lodges in Maine prompted Jake and Beth to purchase a dilapidated set of remote log buildings, which they rebuilt and named Hardscrabble. Today, Jake and Beth are retired and live next to their private air strip, ME32.

Author Jake Morrel will be signing his book of true Maine bush flying stories, Hardscrabble Lodge at the 2017 Beyond the Sea Book Festival at Lincolnville Beach, on Saturday, July 22nd, 12:45-2:45.