About Evelyn and the Peacocks:
Evelyn and the Peacocks is a whimsical story about a little girl who enjoys spending time with her brothers, joining them in dressing up for Halloween, and watching July 4th fireworks. When her brothers go to school, Evelyn is unhappy, as she is not old enough to attend. Soon, however, she encounters two unusual playmates-peacocks-and the fun continues!

About Retsbol Rises:
An action adventure book in which a tribal covenant in Maine is stolen, disrupting the harmony of Mount Desert Island and calling the lobsters back to take over the land.  Three children go on an exciting, and at times harrowing, journey to find Abenaki amulets to restore the peace and save the surrounding harbors from catastrophe.

About the Author:  Jayne Rowe Jones has worked as an admissions counselor and independent college advisor.  She lives outside of Boston with her husband, two college-aged children, and a dog.  She also has a lake house in Maine.

Jayne Rowe Jones book(s) signing her new release Evelyn and the Peacocks, and for young adults, Retsbol Rises, at Beyond the Sea Book Festival, Friday July 24th, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.