Jen Wixson to sign her recent release, Under the Apple Tree, a nature/spiritual reflection journal created in the summer of 2017, plus her well loved Sovereign Series, Books 1-5, at Beyond the Sea ,
Saturday July 21st, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Jen Wixson on Under The Apple Tree:
"The experiential writing that commenced with the regular Islandport column further blossomed last summer when I took it to another level in the form of a journal. In the heat of the day I'd disappear with my pen and notebook for an hour or two, scribbling in the shade of a gnarled apple tree situated in a copse of woods behind our house. Writing nearly every day, I filled three 9.5"X6" notebooks. When summer was over I re-read the journals and decided my disquisiton was worth publishing. I pulled the writing into a little book I call Under the Apple Tree. It's a nature/spiritual reflection journal in which I write about the local flora and fauna, which includes the antics of a quirky chipmunk and Walter the tree frog, as well as what's happening with other critters, birds, and bees. The book is very personal in places, too. I lost my mother in the spring of last year and so some days I was drawn not only to record the goings-on of the natives, but also to wrestle with some demons within me. I think Apple Tree, although very different from my usual writings, will strike an intimate chord with readers." ) 

About Under the Apple Tree:
"Maine farmer Jennifer Wixson shares her reflections from the summer of 2017 during which she spent part of most days in repose, pen and journal in hand, under an apple tree near a pond on their farmstead. There, Mother Nature via the endeavors of a nervous-Nellie chipmunk, a motherly bluebird, a swarm of honeybees, and a variety of other woodland creatures (including Walter the Tree Frog, Sam Vireo, and Mr. and Mrs. Hairy Woodpecker) helped her come to terms with her mother's death. 
     Wixson's curiosity and keen observations of nature both entertain and inform. Her evocative writing lures readers into the moment so much so that we smell the woodruff and bee balm from her nearby herb garden, hear the plashing of her Scottish Highland cattle in the pond below, and delight in the mating calls of the gray tree frogs, which, she says, "sound like chimps in the trees fighting over a banana." Eavesdropping as we are on the happenings in this Lilliputian world under the apple tree, we learn that death is as natural as life—even in paradise. 
     Photographs taken by the author add charming visual context to the book. The apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree in Jennifer Wixson's thoughtful and engaging nature journal."

A Review re: The Sovereign Series:
"Jennifer Wixson has furnished us a wonderful way to find laughter and joy on a cloudy day." 

​About Maggie's Dilemma:

​Welcome to The Sovereign Series,  five feel-good novels (and a companion cookbook in the works) about life in the country, penned by Maine farmer and author Jen Wixson. The books are set in the mythical small town of Sovereign, Maine (pop. 1,048) and feature a quirky cast of characters who weave in and out of the novels like old friends dropping in for a cup of tea. 

The first three books are narrated by Maggie the minister of the little white church; the fourth is her daughter Nellie's story. In the fifth and final book, Maggie's Dilemma, we say "goodbye" to our friends as Maggie finally finds peace and happiness at last. Each book is a standalone novel, although reading the series in the order in which the novels were written deepens your relationship with the characters, who soon become your new best friends. Fans of Jen's work have compared her tales to such classics as Anne of Green Gables (by Lucy Maud Montgomery) and Jan Karon's Mitford series. 

By allowing us to take a peek into this small world of kindness and goodness, Jen reminds us that, no matter how dark the world appears at times, love is still sovereign! 
About the author:  Jennifer Wixson, a Maine farmer, writer, and itinerant Quaker minister, lives in Troy where she and her husband raise Scottish Highland cattle. You can follow Jennifer @ChickenJen (Twitter) and find more information on her Facebook author's page or