Jen Wixson to sign her newest release in the Sovereign Series, Book 4, The Minister's Daughter, at Beyond the Sea Book Festival, Saturday July 30th, 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

About The Minister's Daughter:
SHE HAD ONCE SWORN SHE WOULD NEVER RETURN TO SOVEREIGN, AND NOW ... HERE SHE WAS! Tall, blonde and beautiful, Nellie Walker, 21, daughter of Maggie the minister of the local Union church, is also self-centered and a bit of a snob. When a tragic loss leaves Nellie alone in the world, she grudgingly returns to her hometown of Sovereign, Maine and initiates a search for the father whose identity her mother has never revealed. Helping Nellie through this dark time is the compassionate country doctor, Metcalf Bartholomew Lawson, 29, known locally as Doctor Bart. With Nellie's assistance Doctor Bart realizes a long-time dream to open a free medical clinic in the studio of the late music teacher, Miss Hastings. Doctor Bart's other dream is to make Nellie his wife; however, stiff-necked Nellie naturally wants to pick her own partner and can't keep the handsome stranger Walden, the Mushroom Man, out of her mind. Who is Walden? And why has his unorthodox philosophy of land ownership caused such a stir in the small town? A magical story filled with the stuff that makes Maine wonderful--the scent of the fall woods, handmade quilts, storytelling Old Farts, obscure tidbits of history like mortgage buttons--Book 4 in Jennifer Wixson's Sovereign Series (a standalone novel) returns with your favorite Sovereign characters. The Minister's Daughter, as with all of Wixson's delightful novels, will leave you hankering after a simpler lifestyle and wondering whether you can reach Sovereign in time for suppah! PUBLISHER'S NOTE: The Minister's Daughter was meant to conclude the series; however, thanks to the encouragement of her fans, Jennifer has recently announced there will be at least two more titles, plus The Sovereign Series Cookbook slated for 2016.​

Welcome to Sovereign! A wonderful world of love and friendship created by Maine farmer and author Jennifer Wixson. Comprised of four heart-warming novels, The Sovereign Series is set in the mythical town of Sovereign, Maine where eccentric and lovable characters weave in and out of the books like good friends dropping in for a cup of tea.   Popular residents of Sovereign include the retired music teacher Miss Hastings and the old chicken farmer Wendell Russell. Each book is a stand-alone novel that features a feisty leading lady complete with her own challenges, mischances, and loves. The novels have been compared to the classic tales of Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables) and Betty MacDonald's book (The Egg and I).  Get lost in this picturesque town of rolling pastures, frog ponds, and pine-scented woods whether while sharing a picnic with your new friends at the Millett Rock or watching two lovers pick fiddleheads beside Black Brook. Come visit Sovereign--the doors are always open (and unlocked). But be careful; you might never want to leave!  About the author:  Jennifer Wixson, a Maine farmer, writer, and itinerant Quaker minister, lives in Troy where she and her husband raise Scottish Highland cattle. You can follow Jennifer @ChickenJen (Twitter) and find more information on her Facebook author's page or