Author Jim Krosschell will be book signing One Man's Maine: Essays on a Love Affiar, and Owls Head Revisited at the 2017 Beyond the Sea Book Festival at Lincolnville Beach, on Saturday, July 22nd, 10:30-12:30. 

About One Man's Maine:
Maine is a talisman of the American imagination,offering beauty and wildlife to tourists and natives. Over the last few years Jim has published many essays about the wonders and challenges of Maine's environment, and One Man's Maine collects them into sixteen pairs. The first essays of each pair employ the natural icons of Maine - lobster, moose, blueberries, lupine - to reach into matters of human significance. The second essays are broader and more discursive, and take on a fuller range of experiences in this beloved state.

    The book is illustrated by the author's daughter, Emma Krosschell.

About Owls Head Revisited:
Along the coast of Maine, fame and fortune abound; the town of Owls Head has little of either. Its people occupy a gorgeous peninsula in Penobscot Bay but have raised only two-and-a-half tourist attractions. The businesses in town with multiple employees are the general store and two lobster wholesalers. The Town Comprehensive Plan modestly states, "There are no sidewalks in Owls Head." For nearly 20 years the author and family used their house in Owls Head as not much more than a vacation spa to recover from the stresses of suburban Massachusetts. But when he retired, with time to explore and think and write, he crossed some kind of line, into much more intimacy with the place. Owls Head is ordinary, except if you walk through its neighborhoods, on ocean shores and country lanes, on points of land, undeveloped woods and saltwater marshes, even through a couple of housing developments, and then Owls Head becomes the kind of place many may seek: magically ordinary, a place of beauty and history, contradictions and community. Over the course of a year, the author visited anew, walking every lane and road and trail, even a few driveways, in town. The record of these modest walks became a book of discovery and enlightenment.

About the Author:
Jim Krosschell worked in science publishing in the Boston area for 30 years, starting as a 29-year-old production assistant, avoiding the real world until then by grad school, Peace Corps, travel and TESOL teaching. Those years included hundreds of visits to Maine. After retirement, he began writing much more regularly: more than fifty journals and magazines have published his essays, many of which are collected in this volume. He now divides his time between Newton, Massachusetts and Owls Head, Maine. Besides writing and contributing to the welfare of the Maine Turnpike, he is president of the Board of Directors, Coastal Mountains Land Trust, in Camden, Maine.


"A string of vignettes like perfect Maine pearls on a twist of sweet grass, Jim Krosschell's new book brings us a perfect set of closely observed reflections on what it means to live in right relation with the natural world. Honest and drawn with a light touch, Jim gets us to relax and savor the sweetness of Maine's true nature ... and when we open our eyes, we see that he's given us something real and true to think about."
     Tim Glidden, president of Maine Coast Heritage Trust

"One Man's Maine is really everyone's Maine. Jim's descriptions of the landscapes I fell in love with when I first moved here decades ago are an expression of my own heart. His words and metaphors are beautiful and make these forests,mountains, and coastal places that much more inspiring. I hope this book spawns a legion of environmental advocates that will rise up and protect this beautiful state, which so many residents and visitors treasure."
     Lisa Pohlman, Executive Director, Natural Resources Council of Maine