About A Turtle Tale (Volume 1):
Clemmie is a spotted turtle, who longs for a faraway island where apples and angleworms abound. Sadly, Clemmie’s mom disappeared before he could learn to swim. Orphaned and alone, Clemmie spends all of his time searching for food, and hiding from the wicked red fox that’s always skulking near.

About Judith; A Quoddy Tale:
Though it has been nine years since the passing of his beloved wife and son, Ray Winn’s grief has not slackened as he plies the waters of Passamaquoddy Bay aboard his lobster boat, Judith. Already weakened by age and infirmity, the loss of his daughter and grandson has eroded Jasper Mann’s granite resolve to endure his remaining years. After a stint in prison for manslaughter, Dale Mann is still tormented by guilt over the horrific deaths of his sister and nephew.
When local fishermen are beset by a spate of tragic maritime accidents, stories are whispered about a melancholy song heard in the brume. It has been many years since the last appearance of The Old Scot, an apparition known to devour the souls of lost fishermen.

About Tales of the Cemetery Trees:
Tales of mystery, crime, fantasy, and the supernatural.
A man’s annual trek to Sears Island stirs bittersweet remembrances of a past love. A woman encounters an infamous maritime whirlpool. Two young men take up a taboo, centuries-old profession. Bothered by mischievous teens, a Texas rancher plans an elaborate comeuppance. Peculiar shadow figures trouble a locomotive engineer along his nighttime route. A woodcutter searches the Maine wilds for a mythical stand of virgin white pine. The violent murder of a renowned sculptor stymies a small town police chief. A boy hunts the king of serpents in the Mississippi bayous. A New Jersey hit man travels to Down East Maine to find his next mark. Even in the most picturesque places, all manner of wickedness can be found.

About the Author:
Author of the adult novels, Judith: A Quoddy Tale and Tales of the Cemetery Trees, John Cobb is a proud Mainer with a great affection for the woods and waters.

Author John R. Cobb will be book signing at the 2015 Beyond the Sea Book Festival at Lincolnville Beach, on Friday, July 24th, 12:30-2:30.

Books for sale/signing will include his recent release for children, A Turtle Tale (Volume I), and also his adult fiction books, Judith: A Quoddy Tale and Tales of the Cemetery Trees.