Award-winning Journalist and Author of Historical Maritime Novels, Kevin C. Mills, Book Signing Sea of Liberty, at the 2015 Beyond The Sea Book Festival At Lincolnville Beach,
Saturday, July 25th, From 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Books for sale/signing will include the  Sea of Liberty, and also Breakwater, and Sons and Daughters of the Ocean.

Sea of Liberty is the third book in a series of historical novels based on the storied maritime history of the author's ancestors.  Mills spent years of research on his family history, including privateer Eligood Mills.  Family legend states that Eligood sailed on the vessel Grand Turk and was captured by the British and sent to prison.

When the British Empire attempted to squash revolution in the colonies, many an English vessel met resistance at sea in the form of privateers.  Those offshore battles played a significant part in thwarting England's cause and giving the colonies a chance at liberty.

Mills is happy to share his knowledge of maritime history during book signing.

About Sea of Liberty:
Miller, one of the early merchant mariners out of Portsmouth, returns home to discover a strong British presence along the Eastern Seaboard.  With revolution about to break out, Miller must choose between serving the cause of liberty or serving his family. Despite a past that still haunts him, Miller agrees to captain a privateer and hauls out to wage war against the British.
His destiny changes when he is captured.  He comes face-to-face with British officer Thomas Kane, who struggles with his own demons will trying to squash the rebellious colonies and uphold British supremacy.  Miller's loyalty and faith is tested like never before.
In addition to the angry British officer, Kane, the book features other wonderful characters like eccentric sea captain Ezra Budwick and Faith Hamilton, a woman who finds herself serving the role of others instead of herself.
The other books in the series include the historical novels Sons and Daughters of the Ocean and Breakwater.

About Breakwater:
Our path in life can be dictated by nature. We get caught in the current. We get tossed by the wind. We get swept up in the waves. Sometimes, we need a Breakwater. The storms we face define a lifetime, but beneath the heartbreak lies a search for peace. When two characters, generations apart, seek their calm amidst the storms of life, they discover a truth they've longed to understand. Hal Miller struggles to find purpose in the pain of his life. He is challenged by his wife's declining health, which tests his strength and shakes his faith. Clark Miller's dreams are too tired to come true. He wonders if he'll ever find happiness. When he reconnects with a lost love, everything changes-but his patience and insecurity are put to the test. We first met the Miller family in Sons and Daughters of the Ocean, Kevin C. Mills's first novel. Now Breakwater chronicles the lives of two more members of that seafaring clan. Both Hal and his grandson Clark seek to understand their destinies, and what they find is a power they never imagined.

About Sons and Daughters of the Ocean:
Haul out and set sail for the 1870s. Award-winning journalist Kevin C. Mills takes a historical look at a coastal village during the age of sail. Fortunes were made and lives were shaped by fickle winds raging across the sea. It isn't just a historical novel about sailing ships, but a tale of adventure, courage, love and destiny.

About the Author:
Kevin C. Mills has been an award-winning journalist for over 20 years.  During his career he has written for the Lewiston Sun Journal, The Boston Globe, The Portland Press Herald and the Lynn Daily Evening Item, as well as freelancing for various newspapers and magazines.  In addition to his work as a journalist, he has researched and published a book on his family history and the life of his grandfather.  He has covered sporting events from high school to the professional levels, including being an American Hockey League beat writer for 10 years and a sailing writer in Marblehead, Mass.  Mills has been recognized numerous times by the Maine Press Association and New England Press Association including the Weekend Sports Feature of the Year in 1993, 2001 and 2002 and the Daily Sports Feature of the Year in 2007.   Mills is a descendant of lighthouse keepers, shipbuilders and merchant mariners. Two of his ancestors, poetess Celia Thaxter and maritime author George S. Wasson, are integral parts of Maine's early literary heritage.