About Froses;
Delightful children's book about two very different dogs who became good friends. A wonderful springboard for teaching the theme of friendship and tolerance of differences.

The Inspiration:  Copy and Paste this video link to watch Frieda and Moses!   https://youtu.be/N932HIQuMMI

When I began my summers working at the inn, occasionally I would keep an eye on both Frieda and Moses. Whenever they were together in the same place, hair was sure to be left behind. While sweeping up their hair one day, it occurred to me that their hair mixed together was an entirely new color, a sort of gray rather than black and light gold. I began to call it Froses hair (Froses being the mixture of their names) and even posted pictures of Froses on facebook: Froses at the beach, Froses sleeping, etc. One day while I was outside reading a book, and after the two dogs had had a slight falling out, Frieda made a peace offering to Moses with a grass straw, inviting him to play. I caught the whole thing on my phone, and the concept for the book Froses was born. I hope you enjoy this live footage of the real Frieda and Moses.

About Civility:
If you've read Froses, you may have noticed it is dedicated to the idea of civility. What is civility anyway? According to the dictionary, it is "formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech". I wrote Froses mostly because a great story appeared before me and I wanted to write it, but I can't help thinking about the timeliness of the message. We live in an era of declining civility and I am not the only one noticing. It seems that "social media" has an "anti-social" component to it. Things are blurted out by faceless people whose tone of voice cannot be heard and whose body language cannot be interpreted, and faceless people whose tone of voice cannot be heard and whose body language cannot be interpreted respond. The words are hard to take back. The results are harmful to our society on every level. It is my sincere hope that this little book Froses will be even a small part of the necessary and ongoing conversation toward creating a more civil society.  Pam Holland - November 2017

About the Author:
Pam is a former elementary school educator and mother to three talented, accomplished people: Lindsay, Jeff and Kate. Many threads of her life converged to produce her first work, Froses: her love of children's literature, her time spent teaching at Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill, and her summers working at "an inn near the airport in Owls Head, Maine". One of her favorite things to do during her teaching years was to discover a book that helped her teach or launch a concept she was trying to teach. The student's engagement level was always heightened by a good book, and engagement is KEY to learning! She hopes teachers and parents will enjoy this story and that the children will learn a little bit about how to be a good friend. Her dog Moses is a constant source of entertainment, so there are more stories to come.


 Author Pam Holland book signing/sale, and meet Moses - One of the pair who inspired this wonderful children's book,

                 Froses, , Saturday, July 21st, 10:30 - 12:30!

Moses to Attend the Book Festival!