Author, Van Reid's delightful Moosepath League Series is back in print! 
​and for sale/signing, at the 2017 Beyond the Sea Book Festival at Lincolnville Beach, on Saturday, July 22nd, 10:30-12:30.


So many fans will celebrate that the much loved series is back in print!  And now, so many future fans will have the pleasure of being introduced to this wonderful series.

Van Reid's picaresque novels about 19th Century Maine have garnered warm reviews (including a New York Times Notable Book of the Year) and loyal fans with their unique mixture of adventure, romance, and laugh-out-loud humor.

Van Reid’s Moosepath League books appeal to men, women, and young adults.  They are based in Maine in the late 1800s, full of vivid, wonderful characters which bring you laughter, delight, touching moments, perhaps a surprise teary eye, history and intrigue.  These books will have you reading aloud to share passages, chapters.

About Cordelia Underwood:
Step back in time to Portland, Maine, in 1896. When the young, beautiful, redheaded Cordelia Underwood inherits a parcel of land from her seafaring uncle, it sets in motion a chain of events that leads to the unearthing of a family secret two centuries old. Cordelia soon crosses paths with Mister Tobias Walton and finds herself aided in her quest by the warmhearted gentleman, who has never heard of an adventure he isn't eager to join. Together with his hapless trio of friends, the Moosepath League, they embark on an entertaining and audacious adventure. Teeming with Cupid's arrows flying hither and yon, apparitions, a kidnapping, smuggling, and thievery, and filled with wonderment, romance, and adventure, Cordelia Underwood is a splendid yarn of the old-fashioned variety.

About Mollie Peer:

Once again, Van Reid enthralls with a story filled with wonderment, romance, and old-fashioned adventure, from the catacomb-like underground of the Portland waterfront to a perilous night pursuit on the October coast. 
During the autumn of 1896 in Portland, Maine, feisty society columnist Mollie Peer believes that a little ragamuffin boy, known only as Bird, is merely the subject of a story that will propel her to the level of a true reporter. Instead, the chain of events she sets in motion, and the heroic people she comes to know, lead her to better understand her own valor and compassion as she follows the boy into the dark world of the nightrunners. She is joined in her pursuit of these shadowy figures by the hapless, yet loveable members of the Moosepath League. This is an entertaining novel about the triumph of simply kindness.

About Daniel Plainway: 

As with the first two novels of The Moosepath League, Van Reid again proves himself an incomparable storyteller with a spellbinding tale that is both lighthearted comedy and touching drama. 
Daniel Plainway opens during preparations for Christmas 1896 in snowy Maine. Holiday cheer eludes country lawyer Daniel Plainway as he contemplates the demise and disappearance of a neighboring family with whom he had shared countless happy times. Not a man to forget dear friends, when Plainway learns that a missing portrait of his friend's daughter has been recovered, he sets out on an odyssey that changes his life and the lives of an orphaned child, a large-hearted ballplayer, and an extraordinary woman he meets along the way. 
Soon Daniel crosses paths with the irrepressible Tobias Walton, his trusty companion Sundry Moss, and the distinguished members of the Moosepath League, a band of true originals who approach events earnestly enough but always seem to leave a good deal of merriment in their wake.

About Mrs. Roberto:

Mrs. Roberto, the fourth installment of Van Reid's utterly charming Moosepath League series, begins as portly, jovial Tobias Walton continues to woo the elegant Phileda McCannon. But surprises are in store as Walton and his pal Sundry Moss become unexpected guests at the eccentric Fern Farm, where they become counselors to a downhearted pig and unintentional puzzlers of peculiar family secret. Meanwhile the members of the Moosepath League run afoul of Portland's toughest gangster and enlist an army of hoboes in their search for the elusive and possibly imperiled Mrs. Roberto. Soon kindness. heroism, and hilarious misunderstanding will bring them all together as witnesses to a frightening natural disaster.

About the Author: Three sides of Van Reid's family has been living on the coast of Maine since the mid-eighteenth century.  The fourth side came from Norway 900 years after the Vikings.  In relating the annals of The Moosepath League, Van hopes to celebrate the state he loves and the people, past and present, he has come to know.