About A Home for Phoebe:
Maseppa, an Indian woman, and Phoebe, a young girl, wander the hills of the Hudson Valley during the mid 1800's.  One flees prejudice, while the other yearns for a home.  Through the friendship of a peddler, a blind granny, and blacksmith's family, they learn of forgiveness and faith.

About Going Home with Phoebe:
Phoebe has a soft heart for homeless creatures - a crippled kitten, a runty chick, and even a runaway slave.  As a young teen, Phoebe is torn between the freedom of childhood and becoming a lady.  She discovers that life is filled with hunger, greed, and hate, but also full of elegance and beauty.  Phoebe battles contrary emotions and self-doubts, but when it matters most, she finds an inner source of strength and confidence.

About the Author:
Yvonne’s memories are filled with the settings and characters that she gathered from the deserts of Arizona, the tropical islands of the Bahamas, and the rugged hills of New York.
Raising eight children here in Maine and teaching in a Christian school gave her even more experiences. Now retired, Yvonne can unpack all the stories stored in her mind.  Her prayer is that her writing will be used of the Lord to encourage others.

Yvonne’s website, Polliwog Pages, (www.polliwogpage.com) serves as bulletin board for children’s stories. She also tutors online writing lessons and teaches writing workshops for schools, libraries and homeschool groups. (www.yvonnebeverlyblake.com )

Author Yvonne Beverly Blake will be signing A Home for Phoebe and Going Home with Phoebe, at the 2015 Beyond the Sea Book Festival at Lincolnville Beach, on Friday, July 24th, 12:30 – 2:30.